Tessensohn Residence Condo Mix Development at Tessensohn Road

Tessensohn Residence New Mix Development with commercial units on the first floor

Connexion Farrer Park Near to Tessensohn Residence

Singapore is the next big buzzword in the evolving industry of global medical tourism.The country is no longer just a business and leisure destination it used to be decades ago.With a population of five million people and skilled workforce of doctors together with the best state of the art hospitals, the country is fast positioning itself as medical tourism hub globally.An example of state of the art hospital is the Farrer park connexion.Here is what can be found in the hospital complex.

Connexion at Farrer Park

The health connexion medical clinic is a new initiative of preventive medicine and health screening that provides a patient with a comprehensive solution not only for his physical and bodily health but also for his mind and soul. From the clinic, a patient will expect to be taken through an in-depth health evaluation and get some advice on his dietary and fitness.

Farrer park healthcare and hospitality complex also has a specialist center for academic.One major attraction at the center is a Viv hall.The hall is a sixty-five seater auditorium from where medical specialists can see real-time live surgery being undertaken in the operating rooms within the hospital complex.Additionally, continuing medical students and specialists hold their discussion in the auditorium by sharing their ideas on the current healthcare practices.

Connexion Hospital Complex Farrer Park MRT Station

The hospital complex also has a spa center where a person can go and energize his body and mind for there are countless therapies thus enhancing his total wellbeing.After a long day, an individual attending the spa retreat may decide to take a meditative stroll through the relaxation garden.Additionally, there is also a 24/7 gym session where a person can kick start his day with an energizing workout in a gym that is fully equipped.Thus enabling him to stay in top shape while traveling.

This is a private health care wing that was set up to provide a fresh approach to medical treatment. This wing has several services and facilities.An example is a twenty-four-hour emergency clinic.The clinic has consultation and observation rooms that are well equipped.Additionally, the hospital wing has examination rooms for eyes, ears and minor orthopedic.

Connexion near Tessensohn Residence Singapore

Singapore’s Farrer park connexion is a truly integrated healthcare and hospitality complex and is indeed one of the best state -of- the – art hospital in the country.This is true in that the hospital has been receiving patients from neighboring countries like Burma, Indonesia, Australia, and Malaysia.